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  • Thursday 19 November 2015
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    Dr. Henrik J\xF6rntell
    Section for Neurophysiology
    BMC F10, Tornav\xE4gen 10
    SE-221 84 Lund




    » Responsible for Module 4
    » Electrophysiological investigations of the cerebellar neuronal circuits in vivo


    LUND's contributions in SENSOPAC have been to apply the intracellular whole cell recording technique in vivo to analyze the function of DCN neurons, granule cells and Purkinje cells in a cerebellar subsystem involved in arm-hand control. LUND and SICS have used this and data from the other neuroscience partners of the SENSOPAC project to design a biomimetic model system of the same subsystem and applied it to control the robotic system of DLR. One of the most important achievements was the clarification of the function of the cerebellar cortex in control and learning (See Dean, Porrill, Ekerot & Jorntell (2010) Nature Reviews Neuroscience).